Pnv’s headquarters ransacked: is the persecution toward us concluded?

Vote for independence, vote for freedom, vote Pnv

This morning, on behalf of Padua’s prosecutor office, the headquarters of Venetian National Party (Pnv) has been ransacked. As part of an investigation regarding one false fake signature (sic!), the Italian state took the opportunity to proceed and invade the headquarters of Pnv.
The Venetian national Party has nothing to hide, in fact it has let with utmost tranquility that 6 (six!) Carabinieri to complete their job.
At the end of the ransack these Army soldiers have determined that there was nothing they were looking for. Nothing in fact has been confiscated.
We must make clear that the Armed Force represenatives were clearly embarassed for having to complete such an order of clear political nature and that reveals an obstinate persecution toward the Pnv. The Pnv in any case is not intimidated by this treatment unjustified by any urgency and/or gravity and unmotivated in merit, since no member, candidate, or sympathizer of the Pnv has been charged of anything.
This event is even more serious because it happened in the middle of an electoral campaign for the province elections in Padua and Venice, the first election that we are participating in.
If this is the beginning, we ask ourselves, what will happen next year, when the Pnv will ask votes at the regional elections to obtain the explicit mandate to call for an independence referendum?
In reality we know that the international path for achieving our freedom is a perfectly legal and democratic path, therefore it is evident that the Italian party system does not know anymore how to contain the Venetian thirst for independence.
The Venetian National Party also announces that it will protect our good name and image, and even exercise the right by legal means to defend ourselves toward who is behind such a plot against us.

The Secretary of the Pnv Gianluca Busato, that today celebrates his 40th birthday in a quite original way, has declared: “ the politico-judicial attention toward the Pnv continues, in the middle of a political campaign. I hope that this joke will end sson. The Pnv in less than a year has upset the Venetian political equilibrium, thanks to a detailed program in quality and debth and in intellectual strength and dedication to ideals by its members that has met no match in the political landscape of our Venetian Nation. Tomorrow I hope that there will not be a repetition of the informative joke that we have witnessed last Saturday.
In any case the objective to impede Venetians to vote for the only political and democratic alternative for their freedom has failed, that is the Venetian National Party, the party that has as objective holding a referendum for the independence of Venetia.
From today it is even more evident that in order to defend our freedom, we have to vote Pnv, we must support our candidates for president in the provinces of Padua and Venice, Stefano Venturato and Sabrina Tessari”

Treviso, May 14th 2009

Political Office Pnv

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