South Tyrol’s independence from Italy is just and sacrosanct

The Italic state raises bullies a territory that culturally does not own.

In this hot summer there are shameful episodes that are giving proof of Italy’s intollerant nature.
Unfortunately this country burdened by an extreme economic, financial and moral crisis – probably to hide its own decline and incapacity to stay unified – is starting a sort of aggressive politics against one of its ethnic minorities historically present in its territories which have been subject to italian military invasion, but that culturally they have always been foreign.
Today we hear these absurd, unmotivated, pretestuous and despicable words by an obscure and insignificant minister of the Roman government, that paradoxically should have the responsibility of regional affairs, one of many that take care aimlessly of this pseudo federalism. We say ‘should’, because there is nothing of certain of the duties assigned by Italian governments. This Mr. Fitto today has blasted that “in South Tyrol, the 36 thousand signs in the mountains that are written in german language must disappear.” In 60 days. And if this will not be done by Bozen’s province, it will be Rome doing it. By the way, these signs are made by local non-profit organizations and not by the public administration.
This words of an unreasonable and unusual violance gives shivers and remind us of those of 80-90 years ago of cavaliere Benito Mussolini that applied himself so hard to force italianization of South Tyrol.
The then Italian Fascist dictatoriship, today perhaps admired by the current government since it is trying to mimic it, with its usual clumsiness, it imposed in fact italian toponyms and a language that over there was never spoken. A bit just like what had happened in Veneto half a century earlier, where our language was continuosly spoken by the totality of our people (and without rivals until Italy’s intollerant cultural nationalization).
We believe that the progressively more serious manifestation of the will to delete the identity of the german minority by this Roman government leaves Bozen with only one way to defend itself: follow the example of Kosovo’s parliament, that in 2008 proclaimed its independence and yesterday has seen the international legal recognition of this act of liberty.
Let’s encourage then also the governors of the autonomous province of South Tyrol to proclaim solemnly and in unilateral fashion its political independence, since Rome is not observing an international treaty that obliges the Italic government to respect the german minority.
Us Venetians will be at the size of our South Tyrolean brothers for their independence. Their battle is sacrosanct, just and legal like it is the one for the independence of Veneto.
Long live a free and independent South Tyrol! Long live a free and independent Venetia!

Venetian National Party (PNV)

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