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Talking to Rain Delay

While the serbian fusion-metal band Rain Delay has gained success in Serbia, now is going to get more audience and we are proud to present them to the European audience and particularly to the ones speaking venetian, either in Europe and in South America.
The interview is held by Claudio G. Hütte, and for the first time VeNETvision Praga makes its outset as well.

The authors reveal us that the Slumber Recon album is a sort of introspective travel into the feelings of being venicean (even though would need thousand of hours to explain why), and an alter ego, Selena Shiseido, who is japanese, and the two cultures meet them toghether.

Marco and Dusan reveal us to have venicean feelings, and actually many of the venicean “cousins” called also “sciavoni” have a real link, even though sometimes complex, with venetians.

Produced in the avibi.tv studios and by VeNETvision Praga.

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