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Veneto West Studio, California – interview to Ronan Chris Murphy

The american music producer who have the Veneto in its heart.
Claudio G. Hütte interview Mr. Ronan C. Murphy, music producer and sound engineer owner of the Veneto West Studio in LA, California, who tell us how he get to it, and his last work just made in Veneto, EU: the production of the album “La Marsigliese” of the venetian band “Riaffiora”.

Many thanks to Massimo Toniato, the director of the “rockumentary” which features the band, Ronan, and their incredible job done in the open in piazzas (or “campo” as it is named in venetian) and calles (street in venetian language) in the Veneto, Europe, and to Matteo Marenduzzo of the band Riaffiora.

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