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Who we are. What we want

A letter to the world.

The PNV, Venetian National Party, is a political party officially created on May 18th, 2008. Our goals and aims are extremely clear. We want the independence of the Veneto region, which historically includes several territories outside of its current borders, and we want to achieve this through legal means over the next years. From the point of view of international, current history, our claims are parallel, and similar to those of several other more established parties all over the world. In Scotland, in Catalunia, as well as in Bolivia, in the Flanders and even up north, in Greenland.

We are against any form of terrorism and political violence, as well as violence tout court.

We do not envisage nor endorse any form of compromise with the Italian State, which we see as a colonial power, which historically conquered several nearby territories, including Sicily (1860), the Papal State (1870) and later on some African states. Our historical basis is a long lasting history of Venetian independence, at least 11 centuries, from 687 to 1797. Related to this, there is a peculiar culture and language, strong local traditions and national identity.

Our political basis is a strong need to create a small independent State, the only viable way to grant to the people living in Veneto, or better Venetia – this is the historical territory, inclusive of several areas now in other regions of the Italian state – wealth, dignity, and a bright, or at least decent future.

According to all analysts, only small states, apart the USA, enable their citizens to live well and prosper. Harvard economist Alberto Alesina demonstrated this point clearly years ago in a book, “The Size of Nations”, whose main arguments have been only reinforced by the evolution of the world since this book was published.

We feel that the Italian State is nothing but an oppressive entity, whose historical lore has reached a fatal end.

We do not blame the patriots who in good faith died to construct a unified Italy from 1796 until 1919 at least, but we clearly perceive that their dream and vision went terribly wrong.

Italy is on the verge of economic and social collapse, and only by giving back their original freedom to her territories, in a peaceful way, her citizens will re-acquire dignity, wealth, and a rosy future. Is this utopia? In fact, it is not. There are several groups and individuals in the Veneto region (and all over the Italian colonies, from Valle d’Aosta down to Sicily) who share our views, and fight in order to achieve independence for their fellow citizens.

In the Veneto region, some courageous patriots, risking their own lives and careers, back in 1997, symbolically assaulted San Marco square in Venice, thus raising awareness all over the world about the legitimate claims for independence of the Venetian people.

Since then, a plurality of groups surfaced, and the PNV aims at joining together all these forces in order to achieve, once and forever, the independence of the Venetia. The new State will be growing along with other recent states, including Montenegro, hopefully Scotland as from 2010, and Catalunia as from 2014.

We are not racist, we will pursue the only policy able to make nations grow: a free market economy, strong investments in research and development, and a wise as well as human policy as for immigration.

Our goals are not extreme, nor unheard of in recent European history. In the early 1990s, “The Economist” published a map of world of the future, around 2040 or so, in which Italy was once again divided into several states. This is not going to upset nor shock anybody in the world. On the contrary, the current Italian state has become an oppressive, outworn, overregulated and underachieving machine, whose rusty gears are doing an immense harm to all the Italian citizens.

Nobody is happy anymore, apart from the happy few who are in charge of the malfunctioning of this improper device, and make a living (and much more) out of it.

The PNV wants the independence of the Veneto region, and not more autonomy for it, nor any form of tricky and objectively impossible fiscal federalism. Independence means borders, government, a flag, and a national anthem. And much more, i.e., dignity, wealth, hope. We fight a unique battle. Our victory depends, to a great extent, from the sympathy and back up that we will be able to gain both in Italy and all over the world. Only in this way the world itself “politics” may get back some dignity, otherwise lost in the shallow waters of nowadays chatter, which covers up, shamefully, the systematic exploitation of millions of human beings.

Paolo Bernardini
Presidente nasional PNV